First flight baptism

The emotion of flying among the high peaks of Europe covred in snow, landing in an unique setting to then ski down vast slopes or narrow canals drawing perfect curves. We love to ski and we are proud to know all the elements which characterise a great adventure.

A luxury experience create by unforgettable descents among the most untouched powder, enveloped by the maximum comfort of campZero. Where high level skiing meets the most refined luxury.
Accompanied by our expert Moutain Guides, you will only have to worry about enjoying each single movement of a unique descent in freeride, we will think about everthing else!

You can chose two different experiences:

  • Descent from the “Ventina” or from “Bettaforca”. We will be the first to ski leaving the first marks on the freshly plowed slopes
  • Descents in freeride from one of the highest landing spots in Europe such as the Colle del Lys (4151m)