Boot camps

Boot camps are workshops organized by companies to learn new skills by doing. Originally boot camps were literally camps used for marine’s military training. Nowadays this word is used to connotate intensive trainings that can be in the fitness area or about business workshops. Boot camps are is in fact high intensity formative events, focused and organized. The goal is for participants to practically understand key concept they previously learnt in theory. Through the different activities, there is the possibility to elaborate on these concepts in order to create new stimuli and acquire unexpected competencies.

campzero Active Luxury Resort is the perfect scenario to organize your boot camp. Ample indoor and outdoor spaces give the possibility to organize plenty of activities than can be even done simultaneously.

During September 2019, campzero hosted the Rescue Camp by Ferno, world leader company in design and creation of rescue and emergency gears.

The Rescue Camp was a meeting organized by Ferno to deepen the knowledge of the team around rescue and emergency in impervious environments. The goal of this week-end long camp was also focused on team bonding, having several participants coming from Ferno’s offices from all over the world.

The weekend was organized into two main parts: firstly, theoretical presentations by professionals, with the possibility of presenting and exchange ideas on new avant garde products. Secondly, theory was put into practice with 4 different workshop areas. Plenty of time was left for networking and team bonding while having excellent meals and drinks!


  • Guests arrival and welcome
  • Aperitif at Boulder Bar
  • Casual dinner at Cliffhanger’s Grill


  • Breakfast from 7 am
  • Presentations from 8 to 12 in the main hall
  • Light lunch at Cliffhanger’s Grill
  • Workshops: 2 in the garden, 1 in the swimming pool and 1 in the climbing wall
  • Gourmet dinner at Summit Restaurant


  • Breakfast and guests departure

At the event participated people from Ferno’s offices from all over the world, NATO ISTC SOF trainers, Italian Firemen and Bergrettung Tirol members

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