Team building & incentive

Whether you are looking for a place where your team can grow and bond, or to give a well-deserved reward to your company, then you are in the right place. Sited in a stunning location, campZero offers activities based on sports and wellness organized by professionals, that allow the synergy between the team members to naturally unfold.

Activities and sports done in the mountains are authentic life experiences that enforce the innate human skills. In the mountains you always must think strategically for yourself and for the team: from the simplest things to the more complicated, the more this thinking is done well, the more successful experiences will be. campZero organizes team building and incentive events made of unique high formative activities. Do not forget that… the best way to learn and get to know people is doing it while having fun!

Reward the effort and celebrate reached goals in the coolest of the places: campZero Active Luxury Resort, in Champoluc!

Some activities organized according to seasons:


  • Crevasses rescue Workshop
  • Beat a 4.000 peak
  • E-bike tour, Downhill
  • Rock climbing
  • Slakline
  • Risk Management – think like an alpine guide
  • Rafting, Canyoning


  • Hit the snow: Backcoutry, ski touring, freeride, heliski
  • Avalanche rescue Workshop
  • Ice climbing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Sled dog

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