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Relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalization

After a long day filled with sports and activities in the Italian Alps, there is nothing better than to rejuvenate mind and body at the spa. Discover the offer of CampZero, one of the best ski spa resorts in Europe. Abandon yourself to the warm embrace of relaxing treatments and revitalizing wellness programs..

The Pool

A dynamic paradise of wellbeing nestled in a wooden structure inspired by the surrounding landscape. Dive in, enjoy and relax!

Sauna and steam bath

Come in, relax and let go. Our sauna and steam room will leave you feeling reinvigorated and revitalized.

Face and body treatments

Treat your skin to some love and care: all our treatments for face and body use Gemology products that channel the power of beneficial minerals contained in precious stones to leave the skin looking refreshed, soothed and protected.

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Our massages channel the power of gemstones to guarantee maximum restorative effect. Come in to reward yourself after a long day of sports, or just to pamper yourself when you feel like you need some extra vitality.

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Beauty services

Because we all need a bit of pampering now and then…

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Wellness Journeys

Our spa journeys are all tailor-made and specifically designed for those looking for an unforgettably relaxing and revitalizing experience.

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Gemology Rituals and Products

mineral cosmetics

The secret powers of gemstones

Gemology is a skincare brand powered by minerals found in precious and semiprecious stones which, combined with therapeutic essences, heal and nourish mind and body.

Trace elements

The human skin requires a daily dose of minerals in order to look and feel its best. Gemology products are the result of a careful selection of minerals and essences, which benefit the skin thanks their unique properties.

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